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Sidebar: Lab 8 Update

A little secret:  Scientists often get more excited about what went wrong with an experiment than what went right, because then they get to ask, “Why?” Yes, we are weird that way.

I had some ideas about why the salting out experiment (Session I-4) might not have worked as well as it should. First I tried non-iodized salt I had at home, but that had little effect. Still no big separation between the water and the isopropyl alcohol.

Then I watched the video below. It struck me that we had probably used too little salt. I added a whole bunch of iodized salt and instantly —>


Don’t worry, I’ll bring the supplies next week so we can do it again. See how much salt was left even after I shook it? It took a lot of salt to get this result.

If you have time, the narrator of the two videos below explains more about the process.

The video:

He also has one about floating a ball in the separate layers