Online Chemistry Textbooks

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1. UC Davis Chemwiki

Divides information into six core topics: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Also has resources such as periodical table, reference tables, etc. College level material, it could easily be used to explain topics in greater depth.

2. Chem1 virtual text – from Simon Fraser University

Divided into two semesters, contains both beginning and advanced level material. Contains visuals, sidebars. Updated most recently in July 2013.

3. Introductory chemistry online

Looks like a standard textbook that has been scanned. Clicking on the chapter heading brings a pop-up box to read. The text is not very clear in the box. Also has lecture slides, which are easier to read.

4. Boundless Chemistry Open Textbook

Gathering of Internet materials, organized into a textbook. Has pop-up quizzes that come up as you read the material, as well as a login option.

5. Saylor Foundation Text at the Open Textbook Library

General Chemistry: Principles, Patterns, and Applications by Bruce Averill, Strategic Energy Security Solutions and 
Patricia Eldredge, R.H. Hand, LLC (2011) Available for download as a free .pdf (2365 pages).

6. CK-12 Chemistry

Also divided into concepts and textbooks, teachers can use the concept pieces to build a flextext textbook. Current textbooks assembled from the concepts are available for download as .pdf for free. With login, has options to start a group for sharing materials or assigning classwork. High school level.

7. Chemistry of the Main Group Elements by Andrew R. Barron at Rice University. College Course:  Chem 360

This website is a walk through the elements of the periodic table. Can click on the element or group of elements you are interested in in the left sidebar, an expandable Table of Contents.  Note:  History buffs might enjoy the history of discovery sections for each element.

8. Concept Development Studies in Chemistry by John S Hutchinson at Rice University (2007)

An on-line textbook for an Introductory General Chemistry course, once again, the left sidebar is an expandable Table of Contents. This one is text dense, but does have review and discussion questions.

9. An Introduction to Chemistry by Mark Bishop

There are actually two versions of the text book, Atoms First, which emphasizes “atomic theory, chemical bonding, and chemical calculations” and Chemistry First, which starts with structure of matter and chemical changes. The books are available online, as e-books or as .pdf, although the author does request a donation if the online version is used extensively. Audio versions are included.

10. The Free High School Science Text:  Chemistry Grades 10 – 12 Available for download at Merlot II (click on “go to material” to initiate download)

11. Teach Yourself Chemistry at


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